About Us

Founded in 2016 as a technology company,  WAHDAH Technologies Sdn Bhd is the passionate advocate and collective voice for the entrepreneurial movement that is reshaping the life of every Car Rental and Sharing Company. We exist to inspire and welcome people into our community by facilitating collisions of diverse people, ideas and skills.

What we are focusing on?

1. Innovation

Car rental booking processes are still quite alive today but it won’t last forever. Innovation is crucial to ensure the processes are simplified to keep up with the world trend by giving customers the needed access to information at theirs’ fingertip. We are continuously enhancing our technology of booking system via innovative idea to make the whole processes even more effortless.

2. Fleet Size & Sharing Basis

Having a wide selection of affordable fleet to choose from is a critical factor in car rental business. This will not only provide comfort to the rental companies when demand spikes but will also avoid frustration to the customers when their request failed. Added with super friendly system, it is perfect recipe to grow and remain strong in the industry car rental ecosystem as what we always strive for.

3. Healthy Community & Ecosystem

Most people have perception that car rental is only meant for those with heavy pockets and that needs to change. It can be done through dissemination of the right information and knowledge about the car rental services. It is an another form of land transportation that fill the gap between the public transportation and private car sharing platforms. Some may have not been even thinking of renting a car in the past and hopefully we can change that once the general awareness about the car rental services is successfully created not just by us only but also by the whole community of the industry and thus form a healthy ecosystem for growth and prosperity.

Our Philosophy

To empower People, Micropreneur and SMEs  to improve their car rental and sharing businesses. Making sure their better than us driven by our innovation, technology and ecosystem.  We believe by empowering transportation and logistic will rapidly support an economic growth

Our Culture

We believe that satisfied partners and employees are simply make more productive and more efficient of team work